XZ-10 Auto White Balance Adjustment is great

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Re: You should rarely need the menu.

Sorry I missed the point. Sometimes people struggle with the Olympus menus.

Kerusker wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

I have not got an  XZ-10 but surely the adjustment is in live control. You just need to press the OK button to bring up the choices. If nothing happens just make sure Live Control is enabled in *D Contro Settings.

With 'OK' you get the WB selection (Auto, Sunny, Shade,...) but you can't get down to the next level i.e. to the WB-Correction settings for Auto-WB, Sunny-WB, Shace-WB,...).

Also I wouldn't like to have this in the live control since it's a kind of calibration you do basically only once.

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