Apple craps are way overpriced

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Re: Don't buy her an ultrabook!

erichK wrote:

However, I really have to say it: From the keyboard to the ergonomics and overall fit and finish, none of the Ultrabooks oome close to Macs.  The $1000 Toshiba 930-10 I bought eventually, is  impressively light at 2 1/2  pounds has an impressive number of IO ports and is somewhat servicable/upgradable.

BUT it was also loaded with endless bloatware,advertising, and tasteless eye-candy and, worse, MS's latest mega-corp blunder, Windows 8.

So, you are talking almost 1000 dollars difference in price, go buy windows 7 off the shelf I believe some computers have downgrade rights for free

You get rik of all the bloatware and have the OS you want, install virtualbox and install OSX and run it virtually. If you have more than 2 processors on your system it runs every well.
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