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Re: one pic - the power of symbols

nikonFboy wrote:

well that's pretty obvious, you sound like a teacher now lol.

`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

I'm not at all trying to be sarcastic with my comments.  And yeah, I am indeed trying to get people to think.  But you really do need to be aware about everything that is within the frame of your image.  You can't show an image and say, "oh, just look at the bottom part and ignore the top part since I really didn't want that to be in there."  If and when you exhibit an image and have it published in a catalog, you aren't going to be around to explain it.  All the viewer has to work with is what's in the frame.   And everything within the frame is part of the image.  It's all fair game and if the viewer gets too perplexed or too bewildered then the image can fail the author's original intent.  And all images have an intent, even an abstraction (with the intent of titillating the viewer's senses through shape, color, and form, etc..)
Why are you making images?  What do they mean?  What's the point of it?  If you really want to make images and perhaps more than just as a hobbyist's endeavor, then it might be worth thinking more about what you are actually doing and why (and if not, then that's perfectly okay.)  And I mean this sincerely and in a positive manner.

I don't believe I said that you were being sarcastic, I'm 100% certain your trying to help people. the slight problem I'm facing is the general assumption that if a person is not up there with their semiotics, then they are somehow inferior photographers. this may not be the intention, but this is how I read it.
also, whatever happened to gut instinct when capturing a shot, and when doing some forms of photography, there just isn't enough time to check out every aspect of a shot, while doing this most street shots will never be taken. I'm sorry but as I see it, someone may be a world authority on semiotics but at the same time they may be a crap photographer.
alternatively someone may be a décent photographer, but may not know or understand thé theory of semiorics.

`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

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