XZ-10 Auto White Balance Adjustment is great

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You should rarely need the menu.

I have not got an  XZ-10 but surely the adjustment is in live control. You just need to press the OK button to bring up the choices. If nothing happens just make sure Live Control is enabled in *D Contro Settings.

You should not need to go into the menu for the majority of shooting parameters. Also try the front lens ring to adjust the parameters as well as the cursor ring. This may work to roll the parameters without having to press OK having cursored to the choice. You will have to check this though as I have not got the camera.

Kerusker wrote:

I was very glad when I found the WB Adjustment settings because it's not described in the manual (AFAIK).

Go to Custom menu G (*G) then WB; first line is 'WB____Auto' hit right arrow then you get a list for all WB settings and you can correct/adjust A-B and G-M by seven steps each. It's a control setting - it's effect can be viewed life on the monitor.

I'm glad about this because now I can adjust XZ-10 JPG colors to get close to the JPG colors of my DSLR. (it's irrelevant for RAW of course).

I'm not very familiar with Olympus standards because the Camedia C 5050 was the last one I bought from Olympus years ago.

BTW - I'm not missing AdobeRGB although it's in many spec sheets but not present at the XZ-10.


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