Red-Head lightning for portrait photography

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Barrie Davis
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Redheads not suitable.

ALEXR86 wrote:

Hi everyone.I would like to arrange a small amateur-level studio.What do you think about RedHead lamps?

I think Redheads would be a very bad idea for portraiture.

Redheads are just a whole bundle of problems you don't need.

1) They are blindingly bright, and VERY HOT running... therefore, not in the least bit comfortable to sit under. (Flash is also blindingly bright, but is all over in 1/1000th of a second, so is no trouble to anybody.)

2) The light is harsh and unflattering, and needs skillful modification if used for photographing people. Because of the heat, all modifiers have to be fire proof, of course.

2) The halogen lamps are fragile, and need mesh screens in front in case they explode. If a lamp fails in use, there is a long delay while the unit (including screen, barndoors etc.)  is allowed to cool down sufficiently to get the lamp out and replace it.

I would like to buy two 800w lamps with barn doors and gel-diffusers.Can I use them combined with a flash fot portrait photography? thanks!

Mixing Redheads and flash would add even more inconvenience, necessitating corrective filtration with coloured gels.

Why mess about? If you are choosing equipment, choose the RIGHT equipment.

Redheads had their uses for TV and video, before cameras were as sensitive as they are now. Fluorescent sources, or even LEDs, are what is used in those fields now.

Studio Flash with modelling lights is the appropriate lighting for portraiture. Redheads come from an era that is past, and was primarily motion picture based, anyway.

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