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Re: one pic - the power of symbols

Fogsville wrote:

I have a couple of questions.  Those look to me like plastic chairs.  I can't help not thinking about the incongruity of plastic chairs juxtaposed against what appears to be a formal, expensive (or at least professing to be expensive) shoe of some kind.  Also they are right in my line of vision along with the wall or window ledge (we normally initially tend to look at the top third of a compositional frame and then we scan the rest of the image.) It makes me wonder what the significance of these plastic chairs might be.

Also it appears that she has a tan line on her foot suggesting that she doesn't wear shoes like this often and instead perhaps wears casual running shoes as her daily shoe.  Also I ask myself why did the author choose to make this into a B+W image (the world is in color so I have to ask myself why is this in B+W and what is the meaning of it being in B+W.)

The tattoo looks like a million tattoos I've seen and so I'm not sure what significance it has if any to me.  These days, women of all ages and backgrounds might have tattoos.  So it doesn't specifically signify age nor class status, either. So it's just kind of there, like her leg.  I've seen a lot of legs, too.

These are legitimate questions because it's what I literally see in the image.  And I'm not sure what I'm looking at here beyond a technically well executed image in B+W.  Is this part of a series of images?

I wasn't sure if the poster was being funny or not and I'm guessing not and that's why it's even more funny (for me) - just my weird sense of humour.

All I can add to this is that the plastic chairs look a little out of focus and pity someone's foot got in the way.

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