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Re: Any suggestions...

Edward48 wrote:

Fogsville wrote:

...is to cut out an advertisement from a magazine (it cannot have any written text nor the name of any product within the image) and write a 10-page essay on what they see...

Fogsville, much as I love photography, I'm afraid that would finish me off right there. I wouldn't even get out of the gate Unless of course it could be very small pages?


10 pages that are typed, double spaced, and with several indented paragraph breaks comes out to only about 5 pages of actual substance.

But I am always pleasantly surprised that they actually get into it and end up really enjoying the entire exercise.  Being able to read an image is important if you plan to make images yourself.  Plus we are constantly being bombarded by images everywhere today and so those skills are kind of like having a road map in your back pocket.

And anyway part of my job is to try to turn them into articulate adults despite whether or not they ever become active image makers after leaving university.

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