5D MkIII + 7D?

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Re: John nailed it!

Freeman-Jo wrote:

What about 1D3, if you don't need super high MP, 1D3 offer 10MP at 10fps.  For a used one, the price isn't much higher than 7D.  Also, you have to think about this, the difference between 7D and the 1D series isn't just fps, but also the buffer size.  Both 1D3 and 1D4 would have more buffer thus higher frame count also.  Just a thought.

Actually, the 7D has the same buffer depth as the 1D4, at least when shooting raw (25 images). When shooting JPG's, the 7D's buffer is way ahead of the 1D4, buffering 130 Large Fine JPG's vs the 1D4's 46!

I shoot with both a 5D3 and a 7D and the difference in burst rate and buffer depth is definitely noticeable. Providing the light is OK, then it's a no-brainer to grab the 7D when shooting bursts is paramount.

I find the AF to be better on the 5D3 (of course - it's about as good as it gets), but the 7D is very capable also. I never had any complaints with the 7D before I got the 5D3. I find it's fast, accurate and tracks well (after checking and MFA'ing my lenses where necessary).

In fact, I do pretty much the same thing that the OP is considering. I often use the 7D with the 100-400 mounted and the 5D3 with the 70-200 mounted. Then I can quickly switch when necessary and have everything from 70-640mm covered.

Regarding noise performance, I find the 5D3 has about two stops advantage at image level and around one stop at pixel level in lower light. Everyone has their own tolerance as to how much noise is acceptable, but for me I usually stop at 3200 with the 7D and 12800 with the 5D3. For birds I'd probably go one stop lower on both to keep as much fine feather detail as possible.

Personally, I find the two make quite an effective pair. For a cheap second body to go along with a 5D3, I find the 7D an excellent choice.

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