Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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"portraits with one eye in focus..."

Hen3ry wrote:

Look at the pair of you -- Roel & Bustard, like the old Pat & Mike comedy acts.

That's a first!

Okay, Bustard, you miss a point I was trying to make: the very bright lenses I was referring too which cost a fortune -- that was back in the day, the 60s and 70s, even into the 80s. They are cheap now, comparatively.

The point was the ability to get good focus manually was dependent on having a bright lens on an SLR so they were in big demand -- but not necessarily to actually take the picture.

Roel -- nice shot with the kid on the bike but did you miss the more dramatic one when he fell off? Tram tracks are a Melbourne feature -- lots of us who grew up here klnow al about getting the bike wheels (and later the motorbike wheels) in the tram tracks. We carry the scars!!!

The kid was alright.  His parents were watching him with amusement.

And hey, I am only the photographer...

But that's not the razor thin DoF I was talking about, I suppose. I was thinking more of those portraits with one eye in focus and the rest of the face a blobby fudge. Yuck.

Like this (ZD50mm F2 on E-330)?

Cheers, geoff

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