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Re: There ain't no space and time

Najinsky wrote: Cyril Catt wrote: Unfortunately, the iPad mini doesn't have enough memory to back up all the OP's pictures. As a standalone device it cannot export directly to SD cards to provide duplicates to back up his shots. And he may not want to risk his mailing his only copies home without first making sure he has a backup copy.

It depends entirely on the OPs definition of a Keeper. I'm a near permanent traveller who takes way too many naff photo's. I realised early on that the concept of the keeper was critical to getting portable workflow under control.

While many things are technically possible, much of it is new and under constant revision with loads of unforeseen bugs and gotchas, due to poor programming, poor UI's, and a media centric approach to files.

The proposed solution (ignore the mail home, which I wouldn't advise), is the fastest, lightest, most portable, and likely the cheapest.Providedyou can make a good call on your keepers.

It falls down if your keepers exceed the iPad capacity.

If that's the case, the ideal would be a modern replacement to the now discontinued Epson P-3000 . I have an old one upgraded to 80GB. It's OS limits the storage to around 120GB with the right kind of replacement drive and the raw support is well out of date (but that wouldn't matter just for storage).

These kind of devices became less popular due to netbooks being cheaper with more storage and a bigger diplay.

But with the popularity of tablets, I'm surprised there hasn't been a resurgence in these:

  • slim, lightweight, low power (so a 128/256GB SSD).
  • Built in SD, optional CF.
  • Reasonable but cheap screen for managing the device.
  • Raw support for checking backups.
  • USB Host and Client
  • Wifi access

Until then, a stack of SD cards and a selective eye on the keepers is my stock advice.   -Najinsky

Najinsky wrote: Marco S Hyman wrote: Buy around 20 x 8GB SD cards (or whatever you think your shooting rate needs) = $130.

This. Except today the sweet spot may be buying 20 16 gig-cards. When a card is full put it away.  Better yet mail it home.

I'm not sure about mailing home. Depends how and where from. Many countries still open mail and/or have a high loss rate!

The card size is less about cost and more about the fill rate. As you can't eliminate the unwanted files from the iPad until the card is full, you want a card fill rate that's geared to your shooting style. Also as the iPad fills, you get fewer chances to load a larger full card. -- Najinsky


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