Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

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Re: Don't jump to conclusions......

Whilst I agree with your analogy from the film days re 35mm mf and ff it doesn't quite hold when applied to digital sensors.

Because sensor design and innovation is a very costly exercise manufacturers tend to focus their efforts on the highest return formats any gains in one format are not necessarily applicable to others .i.e Back lit sensors only see gains for small sensors.

If the technology gain a format can achieve outstrips the constraints of the sensor size you end up with the situation (like when the k5 was released) where a smaller format outperforms its larger brethren in spite of physical limits.

Indeed even the crappy little sensor in the Q outperforms FF offerings from the past.

Recently with seamless bonding FF has seen a leap to the same technological level as APS-c and therefore again it reaches the top of the pile.

MF sensors presently cannot match the FF sensors and are therefore facing serious challenge as the IQ champs.

I suspect sensor size once the technology is mature will be self selecting more to control diffraction and deliver hi performance balance than any noise/DR limits.

As always interesting times.

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