Backup camera for Africa

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Re: Backup camera for Africa

I would definitely take a second camera if cost isn't an issue.

You are going to have dust "problems" and changing lenses and or adding or removing TC's is a recipe for ruining your equipment and a royal pita.

Take plastic bags to put your camera(s) in when not in use!

Put the 70-200 f2.8 on the D800 and rent/buy a D4/D3s and a 200-400 f4, ev. two 1.4TCs.

The 200-400 is heavy, consider the new 80-400 as an alternative if you don't want to carry too much.

I just came back from the Masai Mara a few weeks ago and used the lens combo above on a single D300. Could I have used a second body and better low light performance? You bet!

Have fun, you are in for a fantastic experience and be prepared to want to return.

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