Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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What are some reasons why someone would shoot 35mm film over a DSLR. Can you extract higher image quality from 35mm?

The best reason to shoot film is to p!ss off those rabid haters who despise film.


The biggest reason I shoot film is that I like the look and clients like the look.  That should be it, right?  Why shoot film?  Because you like the results.  What other reason could one possibly need to "justify" or recommend any photographic technique?

Very well stated.  It is more than a bit depressing that this needs explaining.

The question, "should I shoot film?" is really shorthand for "what does--or what can--film photography look like?"  Instead of listening to a bunch of blowhards talk smack about what it can't do, why not shoot a roll and find out for yourself what it can?

And anyway, there are other reasons.  I prefer the workflow, which, for me, involves more time shooting and producing with clients and oh-so-much less time cooling my heels at my computer.   I love working with my lab: it's a big plus, to my mind, that the pro film workflow these days can involve a team of such talented, professional people.

Which gets me to another really important reason to shoot film: the community's way, way better.

Absolutely. has some of THE most helpful, generous, and downright nice people I've run across on the internet.  I've learned so much there since returning to shooting film.

Pro togs who shoot film really know what they're doing.  But digital?  Man, these days everyone is a digital "photographer."  If you're interested in being a part of a vital artistic community and you want to learn some amazing things about how to produce gorgeous photography, shooting some film yourself and befriending people who shoot film is (ironically!) one of the best ways to filter the signal from the noise, so to speak.


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