Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: The Best Reason Evar!

So true on those points!

For me, having started out shooting on digital, then moving on to film, I shoot it because the results are much more immediately acceptable than output from a digital camera.

Also, I feel the tonal ranges represented by a film emulsion far surpass what is captured on a digital sensor. There is no underlying bayer filter pattern inherent on film shots, and the point of capture is not aligning the parts that make up your image into a synthetic pixel grid.

Having my head stuck in art photography, I think there is a level of immersion that film based shots provide the viewer, even after being digitised; whereas digital shots appear to have a filtered layer of distraction over the top of them. I can't explain it any other way.

In my experience, even cheap, expired, poorly processed film shots (as long as they are lit well) allow people to see through to the scene I have captured easier than a digital shot.

I will give digital the benefit of being much cleaner and easier to process in batches, and have a lower perceived running cost, but you still need to spend money on backup solutions, calibration gear, software, and processing power.

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