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Re: Manual ? No

Graham Best wrote:

jwkphoto wrote:

By reading Gary's book I discovered 'focus peaking' and now I can easily focus the lens plus with a much larger viewfinder. Not only that, with the A57, I can use all the different exposure modes where before I it would only work in manual exposure mode.


I'm happy you're happy, but one has no need to "read Gary's book" to use focus peaking. I've never read a page from one of his books, but I was "up to speed" with focus peaking within 15 minutes of unpacking my a77.

Likewise, semi-auto exposure modes have been around for years. There are many free resources available on the web, with detailed explanations, to be had with a simple search (here's just one example

I don't begrudge anyone making a buck, but I'll bet most people would be better served reading the factory manual and engaging in a little self experimentation with their camera. If one wants additional help with photographic principles, read something specific to the subject (e.g., lighting, exposure, or composition).

Sounds like you did not read my remarks about about the flash not working in wireless mode with the 57 which I would not have known about if it had not been reading the ebook. Yes, I could have made a search for it but I've read many searches that were far off. Also, with the Minolta 58mm lens and my two Lensbaby lenses and my homemade dollar store lenses, I can now photograph in other modes other than manual exposure.  My Sony A100 and A300 would not let me do that. I had never heard of focus peaking before and with it I can see the best focus points much better. I read something in the very poorly printed, cheap quality paper Sony manual with very small type and very small gray and mush illustrations but for me it didn't make much sense. It was worth the $23 for Gary's book with large color samples and very good descriptions for not only the peaking but for many other operations such as setting up the menu and function operations. I've read a few dozen camera manuals in my long lifetime beginning in 1963 with my Minolta SR7 and the one for my A57 is by far the worst I've ever seen. Even the Russian Kiev 88 manuals were better printed and easier to understand.


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