Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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exactly - exactly wrong

Has anyone every said that when you stopped down for the same DOF you didn't get equivalent performance? Please show me anyone who said that.

What people are saying is that you can open up to get less DOF and more light sensitivity - if you need it -- something you can't do with smaller formats.

I don't get people who think DOF is some magical constant that never changes. Some people have little experience with reality. If you're shooting a wide angle street scene you have all the DOF you need, even with FF. There, the ability to open wide is a tremendous advantage.

Contra-wise, if you're shooting a macro, even M43rd has too little DOF. In which case a high end point and shoot works just fine. Indeed, you see many fine macros made with ultra zooms.

But most people don't get this: DOF changes with the shot. Too little or too much? No such thing. What you want is versatility.

People who say FF or M34ds has just the "right" amount of DOF haven't thought it through. Maybe it has the right amount for one specific type of shot - but not for all.

Bottom line: you can shoot a concert with a 24MM F1.4 wide open, FF, and still have lots of DOF. And that's as fast as it gets in any system. It's know what tool to use for what job.

danijel973 wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I can already predict a response by some people likely to chime in here.

They will say that having shallow DOF at one's disposal is never a disadvantage, because if deeper DOF is desired, the aperture can always be stopped down a bit (while it cannot be "stopped up" to make the DOF more shallow than the lens wide-open on the sensor will allow).

Except when you stop down to have similar DoF you're no longer at f/2.8, you're at f/5.6, and then you push ISO up two stops to compensate for speed loss and suddenly you wonder where your "two stop advantage at high ISO" went.

It's all BS spewed by people who have very little actual photographic experience but who have filled their heads with theory on the net and now they are annoying everyone.

And yes, I own everything from medium format to iPhone so I'm not really biased.

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