Backup camera for Africa

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Re: Backup camera for Africa

On my Africa trip, I needed two primaries - one with long tele, one with mid-tele.  Because of dust issues and the need to be ready for anything, it is very difficult to switch lenses upon demand.  You will want to be prepared to shoot both near and far at any time.  So, you might think about the issue that way rather than as a backup.

I used D300 with 200-400 and D2Xs with 70-200 and found that to be a very good pair for the animals.  The D300 + 200-400 was used for small animals or animals at a distance.  The D2Xs with 70-200 was used for large animals (e.g. giraffes, elephants, etc...) or animals up close.

For landscapes, I would change lenses as the landscapes weren't moving and game me time to prepare plus I didn't shoot a lot of landscapes.

So, now that you've got the D800, you can think about a second lens/body combination that will give you a complementary reach.

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