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Re: one pic - the power of symbols

l_objectif wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

l_objectif wrote:

Beautifully done, D. I love it1 It reminds me of a lady that I know who has a tattoo of a kiss (red lips) at exactly the same place, on her superb leg. When I opened the thread, I thought it was her till I realized it's not lips!


I hope you understand that I am learning from the master and these are just baby steps....

Maybe "baby" steps for you, but "giant" steps for the mankind, my friends!.... I am glad that the news about Walt Disney buying DPR was a joke, after all!

You are good in compliments, my friend; you must be a salesman or something like that!

My friends will not agree with you about me complimenting anyone... I am too honest for that.

But, in this forum it is true, that we all influence each other, some more so than others. And it is a truth that your work (but also of others here) has motivated me to shoot specific subjects. And for this specific picture, I was hoping that you will see it.

Having said all of the above, yes I used to be in sales many many years ago. I even used to sell things door to door. But, not any more... I was not good at it.

hi D

I have just read up on daedalus, you have a very interesting family and friends, plus you have a lot to live up to name wise. are you a architect.

`its good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally, but is nicer to step back into it` PC.

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