Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Re: I can already predict a response.

I once took a nice photo with a $93 Big-W point and shoot camera sat on a rock at ISO 100. I know, right?

Sure, could have got a "real" photo with a "real" camera, but I got a better photo than I expected, with the added bonus of stacks of DoF at f2.9. My friend went to the same place with a "real" camera a few years later, had to schlep across mountains for four days with a backpack of gear and a tripod in addition to his hiking pack, and then stuff around with long exposures vs low ISO's etc and ended up with a shallower DoF.

I'm pretty happy: turned out to be the right camera for the right place for the same shot if you don't need to print it on a 4mx12m billboard.

I'm sure everyone has the same story - I'm not even sure why I told it, but only to agree that sometimes big DoF is not a limitation.

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