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Windows Stopwatch

I was trying to time some tasks yesterday and went looking for a simple Windows stopwatch. I ended up very frustrated because I could find one that worked the way I wanted.

So today, I found some public domain code and hacked it around to serve my needs. I thought one or two of you might find it useful.

Key features:

* Very small. It's a small executable and takes a small amount of RAM. Most importantly it consumes a very small amount of screen real estate!

* The display can be dragged around the screen and placed wherever you want.

* The display stays on top of other windows but without stealing their focus.

* The timer can be started and stopped with a global hotkey. Again, the hotkey remains active even when other applications have focus.

* Since other applications can create global hotkeys too, there's potential for conflict. So the user can select from several options -- F2, F9, or F12.

* A clear readable display. No funky seven-segment neons and the like.

* No installation necessary. Just download and execute.


* Because of issues with mouse messages, you may find it's hard to drag the widget around the screen too quickly. Just slow down a bit and it will be fine.

* I don't know how it will behave on dual monitor setups.

For those brave enough to try it:

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