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Re: Get her an iMac I7 27"...

DVT80111 wrote:

My wife is asking for an Apple Macbook. She has been using her iPad3 to do iMovie edition, and she has outgrown its capability.

The cheapest Macbook Pro with an i5 core, Intel graphic, 1280x800 resolution, 4GB of ram, 4.5 lbs is $1099 refurb price.

I can get a new Window ultrabook for less than $800, and she can use Adobe Premier.

But she wants iMovie, sh.

Do you let her go to Starbucks?

Seriously, if she thinks Mac is the way to go, she'll never be satisfied with with Windows and Premiere.

A 27" iMac would be a great choice, they work well with video. She can use the iMac when she's doing video and the iPad for iSurfing when she's out and about. If she's just doing family stuff & putting it on the web, she'll be quite happy this way. Have her shoot in 480p if you can.

If you want her to want to do it in Win/Premiere, then get her a class at your local Community College,  if their program is decent, they'll be running Premiere and Windows. After a good class she'll have little interest in Macs and iMovie.

OTH, you'll then be shelling out for a 64gb x79 system w/a fat honkin' RAID array, a DSLR and box full of sound gear. Take your pick.

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