Is my Nikon D600 defective?

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Re: Is my Nikon D600 defective?

Note that the D600 in matrix metering is particularly sensitive to the area around the AF point selected.  If it were the center AF point selected here, the could explain the over-exposure.  It is important to place the AF point over a subject that is somewhat neutral, or at least is a real "subject" in some real sense so that the intelligence of the matrix metering can have the best chance to guess an appropriate exposure.

When the AF point is over a human subject, the exposures are almost always terrific.  But when the scene is random and has high DR, the results can appear to be erratic until you get a hang of it.  The D600 is NOT a point and shoot camera, so you need to put a little time into understanding how it "thinks."

Essentially, these two scenes have extreme dynamic range and are never going to make a really good photograph without a lot of manipulation.  So any exposure will be a significant compromise.  If you need snapshots in situations like this, it is possibly best to bracket to improve your odds of having one exposure look somewhat decent.


P.S.  Don't dismiss the lens so easily.  Third party lenses commonly meter quite erratically...

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