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Re: Poor Henri -- forced to use an eye level cam

amalric wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

amalric wrote:

For architecture and in general telezoom shots it is v. handy to have a built in EVF, but for close range, people shooting it's a no no, if you want to shoot stealthily.

As soon as you bring the camera to your eye, people feel targeted.

Yeah, old Henri found that -- that's why he couldn’t take a decent street picture with his OVF Leica.

Frustrated by the lack of tilting LCD screens, he switched to painting instead.

Dragging the tongue out of the cheek with great difficulty, seriously consider the silver finish cam and lenses. The new black. People see you taking pix and they simply disregard it or react positively in most cases. Try taking the same pix with a black camera and they are more likely to react negatively. My experience, and one reason why I now use silver cams instead of the black cams I used for decades.

LOL. It has been said that at HCB's time people were more trusty, at least they wouldn't end up in social networks. Photography was really a game for the happy few with much less social implications, especially now after the Patriot Act.


Here it is different but there would be no decisive moment if people were aware, and they do not realise when I shoot. Looking as a tourist probably is below the threshold of attention, but others use black T shirts and black cameras. Probably making no visual contact is best, although others are into consensual street portraits. Not me.

But in a lot of Cartier-Bresson's pix, it is a collaborative effort between a consenting (not posed, but responding positively) subject and the photographer.

m4/3 has been a considerable facilitator, and having the choice I wonder now it the E-M5 or the E-P5 might work better for stealth. One allows the rolleiflex style, the other I would rather use from the hip, with the 14mm, blind, just interiorising the frame and perspective.

Get yourself the OVF too. Remarkably liberating.

Finally I need to use flash for indoor portraits with a slave. Is the kit flash too strong on the E-M5, is the E-P3 style of flash more suitable? Ideally the slave, bounced, should provide most of the light.

I'll respond to this in a minute. I've only just got a (couple of) FL36R (ain't eBay a wonderful thing?) and except for making them flash to see that they actually worked, I hadn't run any trials. But with my first few tests now, I seem to be stuck on 2nd shutter -- so the extra flashes go off about 4-5 seconds after I press the button!

Say what? 

I’ll have to read the manual. :\

Cheers, geoff

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