Apple craps are way overpriced

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Don't buy her an ultrabook!

After many issues with Apple MBP's, I wanted to transfer to PC's, which I have been using (alongside Alpha Micros and Amigas and (since 1994) Macs for over 30 years. This was also because, after experience upgrading Unix systems and Amigas (where you really did have to figure out everything for yourself) - and with a PowerMac that I kept efficient and effective dor a decade, I really dislike closed systems and unserviceable computers.

However, I really have to say it: From the keyboard to the ergonomics and overall fit and finish, none of the Ultrabooks oome close to Macs.  The $1000 Toshiba 930-10 I bought eventually, is  impressively light at 2 1/2  pounds has an impressive number of IO ports and is somewhat servicable/upgradable.

BUT it was also loaded with endless bloatware,advertising, and tasteless eye-candy and, worse, MS's latest mega-corp blunder, Windows 8. Want to make your wife spend many minutes trying to figure out how to change screen brightness or volume and get at vital system functions like finding and copying to or from a USB key or a drive?  Buy an Windows 8 ultrabook.

There is a reason why respected independent sites like The Wirecutter rate the MacBook Air well ahead of even such well-built, versatile and long warranteed Ultrabooks as Lenovo's Yoga. They tend to provide an elegantly simple-to-use and almost seamless hardware/software system for getting things - like making movies, creating graphics, even designing interiors - (I know respected professionals using Macs in all these area) - DONE.

Tomorrow I will be making a decision between returning the 930-10 and getting $200 back as I buy an older Windows 7 930-01 or paying another $200-300 to get a MacBook Air.  Frankly, the latter is by far the more attractive option.

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