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Re: Poor Henri -- forced to use an eye level cam

Chez Wimpy wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

amalric wrote:

For architecture and in general telezoom shots it is v. handy to have a built in EVF, but for close range, people shooting it's a no no, if you want to shoot stealthily.

As soon as you bring the camera to your eye, people feel targeted.

Yeah, old Henri found that -- that's why he couldn’t take a decent street picture with his OVF Leica.

It is why they resorted to zone focusing, and went to great lengths not to stand out.  Standing their with your face pressed into the back of the camera working the rangefinder patch into place for precise DOF control is not a great way to catch "the decisive moment."  I am sure HCB would have appreciated, and greatly benefited from shooting a variable angle LCD.

Agree on the rangefinder. And worse -- the Leicas old Henri used had separate rangefinder and viewfinder peepholes.

What he really would have liked, I suspect, is autofocus.

But hey, zone focusing works -- I still use it all the time myself.

If he had wanted the effect of a variable angle LCD -- i.e. being able to look down and steal the pic -- he could have used a Rollei instead of the Leica. But he liked to compose his shot in the 3:2 format.

The trick was to whip the camera up to the eye at the last moment and snap shoot.

And you can do that best with an OVF -- which is a piece of kit every 17mm owner should grab . Olympus offers and excellent one. (I'm just putting mine on eBay having moved myt f2.8 17 on some time ago and preferring the f2.5 14 in fact.)

Cheers, geoff

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