110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

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Re: The "good enough" bar moves...

DaveOl wrote:

olliess wrote:

One cool feature of APS was the ability to change aspect ratios in camera. "APS-C" is just the "classic" (3:2) frame size.

I don't think that the aspect ration was changed in the camera, but a code was written on the negative to print it differently.  Therefore some came out 3:2 and others were wide angle landscapes with the top and bottom cut off.

I believe you are right. See Kodak's genius? It used up the same amount of film even when you weren't shooting HD/Panorama!  

I didn't own one of these cameras, but I guess it had some good points to it.

I had an original ELPH. It was a lot of fun. Just like the early Digital ELPH. Sometimes it's liberating to just be able to take "snapshots" and not worry about any more than that.  

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