Having a first go with post processing - only a novice so go easy

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Re: Having a first go with post processing - only a novice so go easy

Something you might give a try.  Open and process your raw images using your PSE 11 program.  I find it does a very nice processing job.  You can then save the result as a JPEG for sharing with friends, email, etc.

If you just quit the program it will also save your changes in an additional xmp file.   When you reopen the raw file if you have the origional RAW File and the xmp file on the same source your changes will show immediately.  This gives you both the origional RAW File which you can go back to or the combination of RAW and xmp which saves your changes.

Another option is to convert the RAW and xmp files into a single DNG file when saving.  This is a "universa RAW file" which allows for future lossless processing.

I don't normally use TIFF files at all unless I plan on sending the file to a custom printing house which requires that format.  I find TIFF files to be very large and not usable to most viewers and simply go back to the RAW + xmp, or the DNG, file if I want to do further processing.

If you want to do more work with the file in the PSE program you can do this to the saved JPEG file.

Hope this hasn't muddied the issue too much.  I just feel your PSE 11 already has a good RAW processing system which is well integrated into the PSE program for future processing.

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