Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: they could have two operating systems

Sean Nelson wrote:

dradam wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

It's hard to imagine why someone would want to run a sophisticated application like Photoshop on a phone.   Similarly, I can't imagine why a desktop user would want something like a calculator app filling up his whole monitor.  It seems so obvious to me that these are two different worlds with their own needs, and I'm completely baffled as to why Microsoft doesn't seem to understand this.

I'm a bit baffled on why you think Microsoft doesn't get it when both options are still readily available ...  If you don't like Metro, or don't see a need for it, just don't use it.  For 99% of the things you do with a desktop computer, it is simply not that hard to avoid.

The problem is that Microsoft dumps you into the touch UI even on a desktop system that doesn't have a touch screen.   Yes, it's relatively trivial to get to the conventional desktop if you know how - but it's not obvious how to do that.  There is no "start" menu or clear icon to click.   That frustrates people who are trying to use it, including browsers in places like Best Buy as noted above.

There's a big tile labeled "Desktop"...I don't think it's possible to give user's intelligence any less credit.  Also, it's not necessarily a "touch UI", it's a "Start Screen" that houses some widgets if you choose to look at it that way.

It seems trivial to experienced desktop and mobile users, but it's a real impediment to a huge swath of casual users, and it's completely counter to anything that a "usability" expert would recommend.

This isn't an opinion, it's fact that's borne out by the bad press that Windows 8 has been getting.   The simple expedient of having Windows 8 default to the desktop UI on systems that don't have a touch screen would have eliminated almost all of the criticism it's been getting.

If the fix is so minor and trivial (it's not actually changing performance in ANY way) then how large a problem can it actually be?

It takes 2 minutes of training to avoid the this frustration, 2 minutes that many many people (especially on this forum) seem unwilling to even attempt.  And thus, the self feeding wave of negativity ensues.

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