OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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Not a flash range issue.....

Alumna Gorp wrote:

photofan1986 wrote:

Yes, the other shot is at 400ISO, but it is shot at f/4.0 whereas the Oly is at 200ISO f/2.8, so there is no disadvantage here. Also, shutter speed has no impact on flash exposure, as the room was quite dark. I used high shutter speed to avoid influence from ambient light.

Yes, I should have used the same settings on both camera for the first pic, but I did not notice. However, all the other pics use similar settings and get the same results.

Regarding focal length, remember we are talking aps-c vs µ4/3. On the OMD, I am using the Panasonic 14 2.5, while I use a zoom lens on the Canon. I tried to approximate the same focal length.

Ok just tried with my 14mm on my OMD and yes at 1/160 sec you going to have problems.

Just tried it myself, identical result, under exposer.

This is to be expected and its not a fault of the system or flash, its like I said earlier.

"Could be part of the problem.

50D Guide number of 13m @ ISO 100
OMD Guide number of 10m @ ISO 200"

Go into the cogs menu and select custom flash and reduce the slow limit, try 1/30th and look at the difference.

This plug on flash is really designed just for the odd bit of fill or use as a commander nothing else.

It is definitely not a flash range problem.

I was testing the PL1/PL5/P3 + pop-up/LM1/300R/36R/50 random combinations all at the same approx 2 meter distance at a bookshelf with mostly DVDs in it with varied colour spines and many white spines including general room scene with stray junk near and far and it was constant under-exposure with all combinations. Plus 1.3 flash comp in the SCP for all fixed the "problem". Always f/4 at 1/160 ISO 200 and the ambient light contributed very little. I always use Manual mode for flash to better control the ambient light effect, if needed.

Now I suspect that Olympus tunes the TTL flash so that the fill flash does not overwhelm the ambient too much and keeps it more natural. So the default camera setting of "Fill Flash" to make sure that the flash fires every time may be the problem. 'Tis 11am here currently so will play with this flash business some more when it gets darker tonight.

The way I see it is that if you are getting correct TTL flash exposure with Olympus Pen/OM-D cameras and dedicated flashes at default settings then something is wrong, the normal is about 1.5 stops under-exposure.

Regards...... Guy

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