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Re: Rangefinder on the way....

Sean Nelson wrote:

pegasus1457 wrote:

The problem with a corner EVF is that many people have a favored eye, often due to vision problems in the other eye.

The corner EVF placement would make such a camera very uncomfortable for these folks...

This argument keeps surfacing, but IMHO it's bogus.   People manage just fine with centre-mounted EVFs, despite the fact that their noses press against the camera.   What is it about a corner-mounted EVF that will make it any less comfortable?

And they’re not even center mounted anyway -- they are off to one side, the left side.

The objectors hven't thought it through -- of if they have, they are just jealous.

If the corner mounted EVF is in the left corner, regardless of which eye you use, it will be an advantage compared with the (more or less) center mounted EVF because it will move more of the right hand side of the camera in the right hand direction so the user's right hand and all the controls under it will be clear of the face.

ALL users will be less likely to poke their right eye when they make on-the-go adjustments.

Right eye users already have an advantage with the left of center EVF because the camera sits more to the right for them so the controls under the right hand are more accessible.

A left hand corner EVF will move left eye users up to about the same level of advantage right eye users currently enjoy with the center-ish EVF, but the right eye users will take a giant step up because they will no longer have to deform their noses to look through the EVF and the right hand controls will be moved quite clear of the face for easy access with the camera to the eye.

Of course, right eye users will suffer in the camera steadiness stakes but the left eye users will (in their one eyed way) play that down.

I began my photographic life as a left eye user but astigmatism forced me to shift to the right eye because of the need for good sight for focusing (I found shooting with glasses on was not an option). Wow, that was not fun and my work suffered for a year or more.

Now, of course, I don’t need the good eye to focus and could shift back to the left eye, but it’s too late. Sigh!

But roll on the EVF in the upper left hand corner!

And why not have it on a hinge? Seriously.

Cheers, geoff

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