D7100 Landscape image with DxO (big size)

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Re: Secret to optimizing DXO to work on NEFs?

goosel wrote:

nkistrup wrote:

Thanks Reilly,

Leaning toward DXO because of it's work flow, but not committed to yet.  Have to review other RAW converters.  Encouraging that it could do such a great job, when tweaked.

I just extensively tested CNX2 DXO8 and LR4.4. Prompted by a discussion on what to do when CNX2 stops being supported in the FX forum.

I'm not a fan of the LR workflow. I have DXO 6.5 but never liked the raw converter.

Just my Opinion and unscientific observations:

DXO8 raw converter is on par with LR4.4 and is way better the the 6.5 version.

Both LR and DXO have their own colour mapping, but DXO seems closer to Nikon and handles chromatic aberrations better. But, LR can use X-Rite colour checker profiles.

DXOs Lens-Correction and perspective is fantastic. I prefer the sharpening and noise reduction in DXO.

Lightroom is way faster then DXO and has essentials such as brushes and gradients.

LR's clone tool is buggy.

CNX2 Raw converter is color wise still the best but fine sharpness is better with DXO8 and LR4.4.

CNX2 has the superb U-Points and cumulative editing along with full manual control of sharpening.

both CNX2 and DXO are quite slow. LR is fast.
All three get the Job done. If it weren't for the missing brushes and gradients in DX8 and it's lack of speed, it would be my favourite.

Thanks goosel!  Can deal with DXO's slowness, if it's a batch operation, where I don't have to babysit it.

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