Good and cheap camera for video indoor.

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Re: Good and cheap camera for video indoor.

FrankieJ wrote:

Sorry but I don't know of anything that will give you good results under the conditions that you state.

Mixed lighting will be the first area of disappointment. It's a fact - it's going to look bad by virtue of the recessed and fluorescent lighting for light sources.

I also believe that your required 3+ Hrs of continuous recording will be a major stumbling block. There is just not that much use for single 3-hour long shots in either amateur or professional video therefor cameras are not made to meet that requirement, either battery or storage wise.. You may need to look into a web-cam feeding a hard drive recorder IF you have determined that you MUST shoot that long.

Any way to remote control shutter for video? The camera only needs to be on when people are paying respect. I suppose I can ask someone to mind the camera but at least 1 hour would be great.

As for the lighting, there is nothing I can do. There is simply not enough light installed in the room and light pack is out of the question.

Sean Nelson wrote:

Peiasdf wrote:

Difficult criteria but not much choice and the budget it tight because I have spend so much on the event. It is for a funeral. 

Have you considered renting something?

Yes, I can rent gears from Adorama. I am thinking 6D, 5D3, GoPro HERO3 or Canon XF100/XF105 which is going to cost me about $100 over the weekend. Canon C100 and Blackmagic Cinema are too expensive to rent and I never used pro video gears before.

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