Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: NEX VG-900

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Josh152 wrote:

FF MILCs already exists.  Leica makes them.

Sony makes one too - it's called the NEX-VG900

Their new M even has AF from what I understand.

Nope - the sensor could do it but there are no motors that can focus the lenses.,

I could easily see manufactures like Fuji, Sony,or Olympus making a FF MILC that is around the same size as the Leica M but using modern mass production to keep the price more reasonable.  Say around $2000-$3000.

Hmm, the NEX VG900 retails for $3300.  Are you sure you forgot about this one?

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The NEX VG900 never made much sense.  It is capable of great shallow DoF, but so are smaller video cams with F/.95 lenses.   It can't do 4K video recording, despite using a 24-megapixel Full Frame sensor, and a lot of processing has to go on to reduce resolution down to 1920 x 1080 video.  Meanwhile Canon and other are making 2K and 4K sensors that may be smaller, but bring is as much if not more light per pixel.  It also restricts you to only 28Mbps (Gh3 is 72mbps and BlackMagic is uncompresed) which mean a lot of pros won't use it (see BBC standards).  The new Blackmagic cameras make more sense to me.

Anyway, the VG900 is an A99 packed in to a different shell.  I would love to see something like the A99 for under $2000 for the body (like Nikon and Canon now offer).   I am sure Sony has this planned. A NEX (camera) version without a mirror could possibly hit that price range....and IMHO would sell like hotcakes!

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