Apple craps are way overpriced

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Richard wrote:

AShimon wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Apple/Macintosh products are made for house wives and students who are so high in debt what's another $1000?

In this, you and I vehemently disagree.

That is one group, the other is a fanboy or cult that only buys Apple so they can be part of the Apple community. Another group is the status symbol group who buys Apple because it is expensive and when they walk in the room while everyone else is tapping or stroking a wintel or google system, they can proudly show off they payed almost double the price for their laptop that does the same thing as a wintel for almost half the price.

Right, forgot about them.

Touch my aluminum case.. but HP has aluminum too... but the bottom is plastic which makes it cheap... why then does Hp 17" laptops have 2 year warrantys and Apple only has 1 year. Because HP is junk. LOL.

Apple does a 1 year warranty, as is the standard for electronic devices across all markets, because they want people to buy a new one instead of fixing products.  Apple is in a position that they don't need to go the extra yard on customer service because they have lemmings buying whatever they throw out.

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