Flash Bender: anyone has tried off-brand?

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Re: extortionate pricing on accessories

bravozulu wrote:

When I worked as a photojournalist in Tokyo, the Japanese photographers would take a 5x6" index  card. Then cut a tail on it, attach it to the back of a strobe with rubber bands and adjust the angle.

Worked like a charm. When it got funky due to use, they tossed it and made another. As one of the technicians at the Nikon Service Center warned me, "Every time you walk into a camera store, they are after your wallet." Same is true for Amazon or other online stores. And this guy was a Nikon employee!

Yeah, just today I took the Velcro tape off my 430EX after 5 years. I used the Velcro to hold all manner of bounce flash attachments (this was before they had those removable Velcro straps.) Now I use a black rubber band and a bunch of 4"x6" white paper index cards. Works like a charm...

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