Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

dpyy wrote:

So is the FF going to slowly phase out?

FF is phasing in.

Between 2001 to 2011, Cannon released 5 FF cameras, that is one every 2 years. in 2012 they released 3!

Nikon had none between 1999 to 2007, since 2007 it had about 1 per year, with a total of 4 by 2011. in 2012 it released 3 too!

Sony had 2 between 2008 to 2011, then released 2 in 2012.

Leica has been releasing a new face lifted M9 every year since its inception. new ones coming out this year with a new 24mp sensor.

Pentax is talking about joining the ranks.

So yeah, if anything FF is gaining more traction.

Does the FF NEX even makes sense at this point?

Not with all its APS-C based lenses and its impossibly short flange back distance.

At maybe 3-4x the price,

D600 is less than twice the price of D7000, 6D is about twice the price of 6D. so 2 x price is pretty much what is expected.

you're only getting marginally better results.

You get:

2.5 times better high iso

way better quality in the DR

much thinner DOF

Significant is the right word.

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