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my solution

Google or eBay search "LCD Screen Hood Shade", solved my problem for $15! (unable to insert eBay link here, must be dpreview restriction, but you get many, many matches on eBay and from Google)

Guy Parsons wrote:


Occasionally with white-out sky and bright ground glare reflections, the LCD become near impossible to see, easy fixed last holiday as I threw my jacket over my head and camera and then was perfectly clear. So much so I think I'll request my wife to make a lightweight dark cape or cloth specifically made for that purpose. OK that's back 150 years in photography, but the LCD was absolutely perfect then. The pioneer photographers definitely knew the right way to use a camera, except it was better resolution and upside down then and needed no batteries.

So for this little bunny, EVFs are not something I'm looking for.

Regards..... Guy

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