Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,219
100% correct

My i7-2600 machine is almost two years old, cost me ~$600 at Dell Scratch and Dent, and still hauls -@ss. Looking at the latest CPU charts I'd have to spend $600 on just a processor to gain any kind of speed improvement. Not worth it.

The reason PC sales are slumping is a perfect storm of consumer indifference. Win8 is an annoyance on non-touch devices, desktop hardware is as far ahead of software as it's every been, and corporate IT departments are focusing on VDI, citrix, etc., to get away from PC refreshes used as the last resort for software refreshes.

I can think of a whole slew of features Microsoft could of baked into Win8 to make it more popular including remote desktop capabilities that actually worked, modular application tools that actually worked with Active Directory and not against it, and on and on.

As it is, Win9 will probably go back to the old GUI and marketeers will call it brilliant.

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