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Because not everything is obvious by reading the manual and not everybody takes in information the same way.

I read the manual for my A77 and it was boring, I think I slept through parts of it so I found out things about the camera by trial and error and also by reading Friedmans book which was much more entertaining and enlightening. I got lots more from reading this forum and many other sony specific articles and general training guides, listening to podcasts and watching vids...

I also found things out as I needed to learn and use them, at a camera club with a strobe adaptor I had to ask a friend about the 'live preview' option which he knew and i didn't (even though i read the manual 3 times by this stage)

People may take in information in text, orally or by doing the tasks, they need to be taught using these various methods to help ensure this information sinks in and a manual simply does not do this. This is not the fault of the people but the fault of the way this information is provided, Sony or all other companies could do better than just provide a manual or paid-for training, why not deliver product information via video tutes now?

And finally, we are all stupid now. It used to be that we had no choice but to try to figure it out ourselves but these days it is just easier to lookup and/or ask somebody else on the web to answer our question directly.

I also see that people can not express their questions in writing. This makes it hard for searches to work when they can not enter a simple sentence into a google search without mis-spelling it or using abbreviations that confuse search or forum systems.. thus they get no help looking for 'dipt of feeld review' when they are wanting to know about 'depth of field preview' and quickly resort to asking for personal one-on-one help. And what's worse is that we give it to them...

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