OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: OMD severe flash exposure problem

Some here seem to be saying that the Olympus flashes have an across the board under-exposure problem -- I do not experience that.

What I do experience is pretty much what your example photos show -- that when a bright/high reflectance item or area is introduced into the scene, the flash metering tends to be overly sensitive to such situation and weights the exposure too heavily toward the bright area.

A perfect example is that I can shoot a group of people at a reception and get a perfect flash exposure, then do a second shot where some waiter's white shirt sleeve sneaks into the border of the frame and the next shot is at least a stop underexposed -- it drives me nuts -- and you are correct that the camera metering mode has no impact on this tendency.

What I would love to see from Olympus is a flash system that allows face detection metering that would ignore the overall scene metering -- that would be a true godsend.

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