Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Re: Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Ken Strain wrote:

PM2: Olympus 75mm lens at f/2.5, two exposures, one near-equivalent to the D800 shot, the other as I would normally have exposed it to give a similar raw histogram (+2/3 stop), i.e. shutter speeds of 1/180 and 1/125s.

Should be the same shutter speeds.

It is not clear what you mean by that phrase.

1/200th and 1/180th are surely close enough given the other uncertainties.  The significantly different exposure at 1/125th also represents a perfectly reasonable alternative choice, given how sensor saturation and ISO-setting scale factor were set on the PM2.  When I use the cameras I normally expose this way (i,e. relative to saturation level), though as I said not at ISO1600.


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