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Re: Underexposure....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Alumna Gorp wrote:

I`m not familiar with this under exposing problem some of you are experiencing and I have been using this flash system for about 8 years.

Sure comparing different systems I will see a difference but its generally very slight, maybe a tenth of a stop or two and that is to be expected.

Are you sure you are using Pen or OM-D cameras and Olympus flashes?

As I said elsewhere I tried E-PL1, E-PL5 & E-P3 and various combinations as appropriate of pop-up flash, FL-LM1, FL-300R, FL-36R and FL-50 and they ALL underexposed when using TTL. And of course now E-M5 is added to that list.

In trying the get the "perfect" result histogram I usually found that I needed plus 1.7 EV flash compensation via the SCP. The resulting jpeg from the camera was "too bright" and had a totally flashed look of course, even though no highlights were blown. I reduced it to plus 1.3 EV flash compensation for a better result that actually was in theory (the histogram) a little underexposed.

Before this I mostly used a small Nikon flash in auto mode so never had this TTL problem, when I started using my old FL-50 again, plus buying the later R series flashes and using them as TTL did I start to have flash problems. Solved nicely with that plus 1.3 adjustment on the camera that works nicely for all the cameras I tried. Must go back and dust off my E-300 with those flashes and see what the old DSLR used to do.

Seeing that this TTL Olympus flash under-exposure problem seems universal then I don't understand what you are saying.

Regards...... Guy

Sorry Guy, mist your post.

I`m using the OMD, supplied flash, fl36(old style) and a couple of FL50R`s, never experienced any of these problems in all the years I have used 4/3 and M4/3.

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