OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: OMD severe flash exposure problem

photofan1986 wrote:

Mmhh, I don't really see the point of buying a +300$ flash unit to use it as a simple manual flash or auto thyristor flash. You could buy 3 or more similarly powered flashes for the same price.

The flash is supposed to work as advertised. As it fails to, it's simply not acceptable.

The thing that bugs me the most is that while I read tons of reviews and user opinions on the OMD, I never came across anyone stating the obvious: the flash system is erratic.

It's up to you as a buyer to decide whether it is important to you or not, but someone who (like me) is about to switch from another brand (Canon or Nikon, both having excellent flash systems) should be aware of this.

Can you describe what settings you are using.

Mode, metering type, flash mode etc, etc.

At the moment all I can think of is that you may have set RC mode to On by accident.

I can assure you the flash generally works great, I`ve never found it erratic and I don`t think you will find many others who have found this as well.

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