110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

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Before there were 110 or disk cameras the 126 cartridge camera existed.  I don't remember how big the film size was, but it was a lot larger than the 110 or disk formats.

Roughly 26mm square. It used the same base film width as 35mm but fewer perforations.

There's no special reason why a 126 shot couldn't be just as good as a square crop of a 135 shot. As I recall most prints from these cameras were indeed square, so there wasn't additional cropping to rectangular.

They were probably easier to use than the APS_C film cameras too.

Both are drop in loading and the user doesn't rewind.  Pretty much the same.

The APS cameras were pretty easy. By then, the cameras were electronic and there was magnetic data storage on the film as well. So all-in-all, pretty convenient, even if you wanted to save date and location and all that.

One cool feature of APS was the ability to change aspect ratios in camera. "APS-C" is just the "classic" (3:2) frame size.

Then again, how hard was it really to load a 135 camera once the "quick loaders" were invented? The only thing you had to worry about was remembering to rewind before you opened the back...

I don't think that the aspect ration was changed in the camera, but a code was written on the negative to print it differently.  Therefore some came out 3:2 and others were wide angle landscapes with the top and bottom cut off.

I didn't own one of these cameras, but I guess it had some good points to it.

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