Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Options at Dell online - Win 7... also some new MacBook Pros on sale at B&H

I agree if we already have a i7 or i5 CPU with sufficient ram and video card in last few years, our needs are met. However, I have multiple computers I use, so I upgrade when the older ones go, like recently...

A couple of months ago I was looking at Dell computers online for new configurations and all that was available was Win 8 or Win 8 Pro (you could not select Win 7). Last couple of weeks, I checked now and you can also get Win 7 systems configurations, which they advertise separately from new systems, based on last years configurations, however you can add the latest configurations upgrades to them, with new video cards and more top brand memory, so essentially you have the choice now at Dell to order fully loaded Win 7/Pro XPS desktops which I was looking at, or Dell 15R and 17R laptops with Win 7/Pro. (or go Alien which they also carry with Win 7).

I do not remember these range of choices being there earlier a couple of months ago. So I think Dell have added this change more recently due to consumer demand for Win 7 and Win 7 Pro or the slow down in PC sales. Good move!

However, they are promoting the Win 8 system OS for the most part with their newest configurations.

For the first time ever, I have seen MacBook Pros on sale, with $200 discount at B&H Photos online (announced in Photography Bay website online newsletter), so I think Apple sales are down a bit too last few months including the new Retina MacBooks Pros were also in some models on sale at B&H.

I also think our general public economy is still trying to come back and our buying habits as a hole is not as big as few years ago for more luxury items due to the recent economic times.

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