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Guy Parsons
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Nah, the anti-EVF argument....

OM User wrote:

As someone who requires reading glasses I find the use of a dioptre corrected evf (or ovf) essentail in a camera. Even at arms length I find it difficult to check the LCD to see if a picture is in perfect focus or to change menu settings. When I am out and about (think tourist) I don't want to keep having to put my glasses on to take a picture. I'm probbaly not the only one who thinks the same.

That's why proper glasses are essential for not only camera use but for everyday living.The pain of continually swapping glasses on & off never works.

I've always needed glasses since about age 10 (short sighted plus large astigmatism) so was an easy transition to different types as my eyes changed. Mono focal then bi-focal and now tri-focal lenses. Top zone of the tri-focal for distance, mid zone for say computer monitor at arm's length usually, and bottom zone deliberately requested for about 8 to 12 inches for close fine work and LCDs of course.

My wife at first only needed reading glasses and found the half frame type worked for her. No glass to peer through for distance and the half frame prescription for close stuff like reading and LCD viewing - no need for this arm's length nonsense.

Which leads me to LCDs and viewfinders - after a lifetime of viewfinders on film SLRs (1960 to 2002) I then started on digital and learned to cope with the LCD. Now to me it's totally un-natural to use a viewfinder or even to see someone with their face stuck against a camera. Use of the LCD frees photography up so much to be able to use different viewpoints so much more easily. With the up/down LCD of my E-PL5 it's an easy transition from face level shooting to waist level or to as high as I can reach for over crowd shots.

I do have the VF-2 viewfinder, but after an initial burst of enthusiasm I reverted to the more natural stance of using the LCD and the VF-2 only got used before for ground level shooting angled up. Now the E-PL5 does that trick, so the VF-2 gathers cobwebs.

Occasionally with white-out sky and bright ground glare reflections, the LCD become near impossible to see, easy fixed last holiday as I threw my jacket over my head and camera and then was perfectly clear. So much so I think I'll request my wife to make a lightweight dark cape or cloth specifically made for that purpose. OK that's back 150 years in photography, but the LCD was absolutely perfect then. The pioneer photographers definitely knew the right way to use a camera, except it was better resolution and upside down then and needed no batteries.

So for this little bunny, EVFs are not something I'm looking for.

Regards..... Guy

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