Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

I probably should not jump in here but..... I’m a Nikon FF user and the format is not going anywhere soon. Heck, people still use MF and even LF. Why do they do that? Because they like the results.

I use FF because I like, what I see as the results. Is it the best? I don’t know and I really don’t care. I pick up the camera and I like the size. It fits my hand well. I don’t have to add a battery grip to make it feel right. Yes, I would like it to be lighter but the size is right. I also like the size because there is enough room for the buttons and controls and I don’t have to usually fiddle and fool around in menus, to do the things, I use most.

I don’t think any of the different formats are going anywhere soon. So long as a format fits individuals needs and people are willing to buy that format, it will be around.

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