New cameras-They will come...Give me Lens!!!!!

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Re: New cameras-They will come...Give me Lens!!!!!

Al Valentino wrote:

A month ago the Zeiss line was expected in April, now it is late Q2 (hopefully). Fuji was also supposed to have all 10 lenses out by June but the entire line likely will not be delivered until early 2014. Promises, promises....

the long fuji zoom should be 'available' by end of Q2.

2014 will be great for those just getting into the system with the latests lenses and second generation X-bodies.

My guess is after the lenses are launched we may see a full fame body, and A new set of lenses withanother waiting period.

I am one who does not expect a FF body + lens range - its won't be economical for Fuji as it won't sell at volume and I think one of the key selling points of the X system - smallish size - will be lost. I don't expect FF lenses for mirrorless to be much smaller than FF lenses for DSLRs. Maybe only a little shorter (lacking the final light collimating lens perhaps). There are two potential advantages of FF and a lot of negatives. The advantages are depth of field (but the 35mm 1.4 has a very narrow depth of field anyway) and pixel count (but 16MP is enough for many and low-light performance seems to trump a higher pixel count for many on this forum).

I do expect an X-Pro2. I do expect an increase in pixel count and all of the improvements on the X100S too. I will buy it most likely!

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For body and lens size of FF mirrorless, just look to Leica. The body is not much different in size, but much heavier. Leica lenses are the same size and fuji lenses because their is no mirror box.

I have always been happy, and even preferred APS sensor size. there is extreme versatility with the trade-off of DOF so just know what you need and pick your gear accordingly.

I did ask Fuji reps about FF last October at a show. They freely admitted to the effect of, 'there is ceetainly talk about doing this but no plans at this time' which I consider a response. They know how. Whichis why. I mentioned above that if they go that way, it will be at least a year and certainly after they launch all the roadmap lenses. Of course I have no idea what what will happen. All i want is the 10-24 OS zoom and at leat one more fuji lens, then I will have a complete system. And possibly sell off the rest of my Nikon stuff

I know about Leica and I slightly disagree on lens size. The reason is that the lenses for Leica are manual focus - with auto-focus then the lens has to house a motor and then the diameter of the lens seems to increase a lot. So alll things being equal I expect:

- APS-C mirrorless manual focus to be short and of small diameter.

- APS-C mirrorless auto focus to be short but larger diameter. [e.g. Fuji]

- APS-C DSLR to be slightly longer than APS-C mirrorless.

- FF mirrorless to be a similar(ish) length to APS-C mirrorless but with larger diameter. [e.g. Leica]

- FF DSLR auto-focus to be longer than mirrorless and larger than APS-C, with the auto-focus lenses larger than manual focus lenses.

So actually I expect Leica lenses are small, but could be smaller if they were made for APS-C as well as being mirrorless.

So APS-C mirrorless with auto-focus are still small - but if someone were to make an FF mirrorless with auto-focus, it'd be the same diameter as a FF DSLR lens, just shorter. Or so I'd think.

Totally agree on more lenses - I am waiting 23mm and 56mm with eager anticipation. I really like the Fuji X-system.

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