Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Why buy a new PC?

One of the biggest problems with PC sales is the low need for new machines. This summer my main desktop will be 3 years old. A very powerful i7 machine at the time and its CPU benchmark score is still very high. I have a lot of memory in the machine and it has the power to do high end photo editing and HD movie editing with no pause.

My laptop is a two year old i5 machine and has all the power I need for LR 4 and CS6. Sure I would not mind a personal laptop that could have my the 8GB of memory (my work laptop has 16). But I have no need to replace a machine that functions fine for my needs.

I don't think I am all that different from most people. Unless you are a high end gamer, most of the PCs people have work great for their needs. The last time PCs really needed much of an update was for HD video editing.  I see nothing coming on the near horizon that the majority of PCs can't handle.

As for Windows 8, this is a drag on the market. I have been testing Windows 8 since early last year (beta). From the first time I installed it I started seeing a lot of red flags for this OS. Personally I have yet to really understand the need for Metro on a PC. My personally opinion is that the main driver for Win 8 design was to force PC people to use Metro so they would then buy Windows phones and tablets.

The biggest problem I see Win 8 is in corporations is training. Training staff is very expensive. Companies undergo training when it leads to increases in productivity. Many people in companies are not techies,  and for a company to adopt Win 8 a lot of training will be required. Companies are going to have to see a lot of benefit in Win 8 to get them to adopt this OS. MS has had a lot of problems getting companies to move from XP to Win 7 and no real training was required for end users for the move. A move to Win 8 will be a much harder jump. Now MS could solve this problem by restoring the complete start menu and providing an easy option to have machines default start to the desktop. Question is what will win their ego or need for revenue.

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