Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: they could have two operating systems

Sean Nelson wrote:

I haven't looked at the Metro development environment, but I've heard comments that it's very similar to Android.   And I have had a brief look at the Android SDK - it appears that as a programmer you have to create different viewgroups and layouts for an application that takes advantage of larger screen sizes.   So although it's seamless for the user, it may not be for the developer, depending on the kind of application.

I wouldn't pretend it's trivial to design Android apps that play nicely both on small phones and on large tablets, but it's not that hard to develop multiple layouts etc, and then Android automatically uses the appropriate screen layout (of those you've designed) for the screen size in use.

But I reckon that if you have a very large screen, or are using a keyboard and a mouse, then ideally you need more than different screen layouts.  You need to redesign the program logic more substantially.  Or you end up with a keyhole view of a large-screen layout on a tiny screen, or small screen logic ludicrously blown up on a large screen (which IMHO is what most Metro apps look like on a desktop).

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